The Portage Ministerium is comprised of the Portage area churches that meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at Sassy's Sisters.  
Officers for the organization are Jerry Zuvers-President and Tom Gordon-Treasurer
     First Lutheran Church                                               Trinity United Methodist
      Rev. John Palko                                                         Rev. Howe
      906 Caldwell Avenue                                                 817 Caldwell Avenue
        Portage PA 15946                                                     Portage PA 15946
      814/736-3662                                                          814/736-9788
      Bethany United Methodist                                          Christian Missionary Alliance
      Rev. James Rank                                                         Rev. Jerry Zuvers- 
     700 Farren Street                                                     905 Johnson Avenue
      Portage PA 15946                                                                        Portage PA 15946
      814/736-8651                                                           814/736-8227