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Portage Area Planning Commission
The Portage Area Regional Planning Commission was created on August 7, 1962, per Ordinance 241, by Portage Borough.  The Planning Commission consists of five members serving a five year term, appointed by Borough Council.  The Planning Commission is also comprised of five members serving a five year term from Portage Township. 
The Planning Commission was created to identify existing problems and/or constraints within Portage Borough and Portage Township and to develop mechanisms and policies that will promote sound "growth management" in support of economic development.  The Commission represents a concerted effort by elected and appointed officials.  The Planning Commissions goal is to increase economic development and strengthen the regional planning process.
In 2001,  the Cambria County Planning Commission prepared "The Portage Area Region Comprehensive Plan" that is available for review in the Portage Borough Administration Building


Board Members
Joseph Beyer               Kami Lidwell
Chairperson                 Secretary
Ray Kargo
Blaise Michaels       David Hayes       
 Steve Nagy            Rick Nagy  
Tom McCabe            Mark Leturgey
Evelyn Hutsky
The Planning Commission has also pursued student involvement with the
community by implementing a Junior member program. 

 Meeting Dates

The Planning Commission meets every second
Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the
Portage Township Municipal Building located
at 4109 Portage Street.