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Portage Township Supervisors
4109 Portage Street
Portage, PA 15946
Phone: 814/736-3372      Fax: 814/736-3381
Ben Selapack-Chairman/Treasurer    
Richard Shaffer-Vice Chairman 
Jeff Koston-pervisor                                                     
Secretary:              Michelle Kostan                   814/736-3372
Treasurer:              Ben Selapack
Assistant Treas:      Michelle Kostan
Solicitor:                Brett Smith
Engineer:    The Eads Group                814/535-5388
Auditors:      James Nicholson       Matt Zunich        George Fetsko
Financial Auditors:  Wessell & Company
Real Estate Tax Collector:  Mildred Chappell  814/736-8036 and fax
Earned Income Tax:   Berkheimer Tax Administrators
Building Codes Enforcement Agency:  Cambria County Building Code Enforcement Agency/LMIA
Code Enforcement Officer:     Brian Latoche
Head Road Master:           Tyler Shaffer
Road Crew:       Tyler Shaffer      Richard Olshavsky   Richard Shaffer    Ray Asfar