Portage has a rich and varied heritage in churches.  Early in this century many people migrated from Europe to the Portage area, and wanted to worship with othersof similar ethnic backgrounds.  And so, they built churches in which their native tongues and familiar traditions were followed.  Throughout the years, the community has been enriched by the languages, customs and beauty of the variety of churches. 
       First Lutheran Church                                              Trinity United Methodist
                                                                                          Reverend Michael Long
      906 Caldwell Avenue                                                 817 Caldwell Avenue
      Portage PA 15946                                                     Portage PA 15946
      814/736-3662                                                              814/736-9788
      Bethany United Methodist                                      Portage Alliance Church
      Reverend Mary Ann Long                                      Rev. Jerry Zuvers
      700 Farren Street                                                     911 Johnson Avenue
      Portage PA 15946                                                     Portage PA 15946
      814/736-8651                                                             814/736-8227
      Hammers St Church of God                                  St. Joseph’s Church
      Pastor Donald Jeffers                                             Father Andrew Draper, TOR Pastor
      906 Hammers Street                                                509 Caldwell Avenue
      Portage PA 15946                                                     Portage PA 15946   
      814/736-8216                                                              814/736-4279
     Our Lady of Sacred Heart                                         Portage Alliance Church
     Father Andrew Draper, TOR Pastor                       911 Johnson Avenue
     601 Mountain Avenue                                               Portage PA  15946
     Portage PA 15946                                                       814/736-8227
     Christ Apostolic Church                                           St. Michael Russian Orthodox
     Pastor Edwin Tucker                                                 Rev.  Fr. Grigori Tsjouman
     808 Caldwell Avenue                                                 915 Blair Street
     Portage PA 15946                                                       Portage PA 15946
     814/736-3223                                                                814/736-3051
      Church of the Nazarene                                          St. Peter & Paul
      Rev. C Edward Albert                                               Rev. James Spontak
      1111 Main Street                                                       143 Church Street
      Portage PA 15946                                                     Portage PA 15946
      814/736-4560                                                              814/736-9780
    Martindale Alliance Church
    Pastor Ryan Legg
    174 Alliance Ave.
    Portage, PA 15946